“Cooking is all about love, when you cook from the heart it tastes amazing because you put care and detail to make the best dish possible!” – Tim Ong

Tim with knivesChef Tim Ong has always loved to eat and was only natural to learn more about cooking when he couldn’t afford to eat out all the time during university. Tim started pursuing his culinary career after finishing a business degree in Australia. With a tenacity and passion for food, Tim held his first head chef position by 23.

With a hunger to know more about different cuisines, Tim has spent the last 5 years exploring Asia. Which has led to many opportunities working with an array of Michelin-star chefs at numerous events to TV appearances on Asian Food Channel.

Tim has now turned his skills, passion and energy,  in devoting his time to inspire kids to cook. With experience of teaching over 1000 kids through summer camp programs with Camp Asia, Tim want’s to make sure the art and philosophy of cooking is passed on to the next generation.